El Pípila is led by a trio of women, mother Guadalupe Guerrero and her two daughters Brenda & Alejandra.


El Pípila is a small restaurant on Brannan Street in San Francisco serving authentic, artisanal cuisine from the state of Guanajuato in Mexico. Our dishes are created from traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. We offer an original taste of Guanajuato, the heart of Mexico. 

El Pípila also offers catering and participates in events throughout the Bay Area. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date!

Guadalupe Guerrero

CEO, Founder, and Chef 

Brenda Juarez

General and Catering Manager 

Alejandra Juarez

Market and Store Manager 

More About Guadalupe

Guadalupe Guerrero, also known as Lupe, was born in Acámbaro, a small city in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. Since she was a child, Lupe was fascinated by the flavors of her hometown. She remembers fondly watching the neighbors come out in the evening with their tortilla making machines and comales to prepare the evening meal. Those delicious aromas and flavors are still part of Lupe’s essence today. 

Lupe’s culinary knowledge and skills are a family tradition. She learned to cook from her mother & grandmother, women well-known for their traditional style of cooking.

After moving to the US,  Lupe worked in many taquerías throughout Berkeley, learning the ropes but continued selling to friends and family and dreamed of opening her own restaurant in order to share some of her Guanajuato heritage with her clients through her dishes; she thoughtfully and carefully prepares meals with the same ingredients used by her grandmother.


El Pipila’s mission is to offer Guanajuato’s authentic, artisanal food using high quality and local ingredients and to provide friendly service at affordable prices.

In 2012, Guadalupe’ acted on the idea to start her own food business and she joined an entrepreneurship program to help her write her initial business plan for El Pipila and she also joined La Cocina, an incubator program to help her formalize her businesses and obtained commercial kitchen space and technical assistance. El Pipila was officially born!